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Advantages of Getting a Sugar Glider as a Pet / Benefits of Getting a Sugar Glider as a Pet / Reasons Why You Should Get a Sugar Glider as a Pet

A Sugar Glider is a small marsupial animal which is in the same family as a Kangaroo or a Koala Bear. A mature Sugar Glider is as small as your hand and has no qualms fitting in your pocket or going on your shoulder. It gets its name from its habitual leaning towards sweet foods as well as its gliding membrane that spans from wrist to foot allowing it drift mid-air. During the last fifteen years, many people have increasingly taken in Sugar Gliders as pets. So, what is so unique about them?

For one they are very cheap to maintain. Excluding the buying price, they are quite affordable to keep as pets due to their small size and diet. These are foods that you would naturally already have at home since they constitute part of your own diet. An apple slice, cabbage leaf or a carrot slice can constitute a meal quite easily Pelleted Sugar Glider food is an easier, cheaper option for your pet to get the much-required vitamins and proteins in comparison with other animal-based sources that leave the animal with an undesirable smell. The other only expense would be buying it a cage which once bought will serve many years. Trips to the vet are also minimal as the Sugar Glider has no known illnesses and will not need vaccination and rarely get sick.

Another thing is a Sugar Glider is very clean and does not need much tending to nor will it turn a pet owner into part of a clean-up crew. As much as the Sugar Glider looks like hamsters and mice, it is not nearly as dirty or messy nor does it instinctively chew on things. The Sugar Glider resembles a house cat in respect to its behavioral aspects such as good grooming and cleanliness.

Lastly, a Sugar Glider is a very smart animal that is easily trained to do tricks just like a dog. The Sugar Glider is a social creature that will bond with your family in its formative stages and fully blend in just as it would in its colony. It lives long and will be a part of your family for up to fifteen years making it ideal as a pet. They are compatible with other pets within the home with some training. This is due to the fact they do not have the scent of an animal that cats and dogs would consider as edible but is instead is a Metatheria animal Cumulatively, the Sugar Glider will blend in very well with both your family and other pets.

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